Two piece folder gluer

Feature introduction
Product parameter

JAB2300B Two piece folder gluer

Model 2300B platform
Max. paper size 1150×900mm
Min. paper size 460×300mm
Dimensions 7000×3150×1420mm
Total power 9KW
Weight 2.4T
Speed 90M\MIN


JAB2600B Two piece folder gluer

Model 2600B  platform
Max. paper size   1300×1150mm
Min. paper size   460×300mm
Dimensions   8000×3450×1420mm
Total power   9KW
Weight   2.8T
Speed   90M\MIN


JAB2600B Two piece folder gluer

Model  2600B  platform 
Max. paper size  1300×1150mm
Min. paper size  560×300mm
Dimensions  4600×4000×1420mm   
Total power 11KW
Weight  4.5T
Speed   90M\MIN
Performance feature

JAB two pieces folder gluer adopts double variable frequency independent speed control, the transfer mechanism adopts guide rail or straight line unit to slide flexibly and quickly, the German SIEGLING perforated belt suction air feed paper is stable and reliable, synchronous pneumatic gauge mechanism, digital temperature control glue coating system, hot melt glue and cold glue fixed firmly, saving glue cost.
Two pieces folder gluer machine is a solution for corrugated box and color box. Two pieces folder gluer can gluing double-piece cardboard in symmetrical size and figure at high-speed and accurate one-time molding.
Two piece folder gluer has wider adaptability and cardboard material compatibility, both two piece and single paper gluing have excellent performance. Especially in corrugated paper splicing accuracy and gluing accuracy have reached an unprecedented height.
Adopt wire rod and linear bearing adjustment, more convenient; easy to replace orders, high efficiency, reduce labor costs; can ensure timely delivery.
The precision of the product gluing is accurate. Gluing firmly to improve the competitiveness of products.
The machine can process two piece paper gluing or single-piece paper gluing, one machine multi-purpose.


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