Intelligent high-speed flute laminating machine

The Flute Laminating Machine supplied by HUAYU is mainly used to laminate linerboards to the flutes of corrugated board or laminate one cardboard to another cardboard with adhesive. The suitable corrugated flute patterns include A, B, C, E and F flute.
The Flute Laminating Machine is perfectly combined with the motion control system and the servo correction system. It uses multiple sets of high- precision photoelectric sensors to track and position the paper, and corrects the paper through the servo motor to achieve accurate positioning of the paper and the bottom paper. It has many advantages such as high speed, high precision, convenient operation, etc. It is an indispensable equipment for color printing and packaging users.
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Feature introduction
  • The Feeder paper feeding system

    Independently developed, using conjugate cam technology to control blowing and sucking time, so that high-speed paper feeding more stable. The forward and backward movement of the Feeder head is more convenient for electric adjustment. Plus back blowing and side blowing device, so that can make the long and thin paper moving more stable.

  • The bottom paper feeding part

    The perfect match of high-power servo motor, imported paper feeding belt and high-performance magnetic valve can effectively guarantee the stability of high-speed paper feeding. The paper pressing board is fixed with high strength steel plate structure, which is more reliable and stable than the traditional round beam structure. Without shaking when high-speed paper feeding.

  • The gluing part

    Automatic gluing, no glue alarm, glue recycling structure, make the machine easy to glue without glue waste and overflow.

  • The servo motor positioning part

    Several photoelectric sensors are used to track and locate the paper, and the position of paper is corrected by the servo motor. Ensure the precision of the surface paper and the base paper in high speed gluing.

  • The drive system

    All the main parts are driven by synchronous belt, which makes the machine drive more smoothly, more accurately and with lower noise.

  • The electric control system

    The main electrical components are all international brands, in accordance with CE standards, independent research and development of a full set of control procedures. Alarm detection and troubleshooting are clear at a glance.

  • The operating system

    The combination of man-machine interface and operation button makes the operation more convenient, man-machine interface is mainly used for the setting of relevant parameters and fault display, and the operating buttons will make the operation more convenient, at a glance.

  • The magnetic valve

    Independently researched and developed, with excellent performance, long life, maintenance free and other advantages.

  • Face paper feeding part

    Face paper transmission using V belt drive, difficult to deviate. The paper is always clamped between the upper and lower belts, compared with the traditional paper wheel has the advantages of paper stability and smooth walking.

  • The cleaning structure

    The water tank for cleaning gluing roller is installed with side support structure. Disassembly is more convenient. Make it easy to change the water and clean the glue.

automatic flute laminating machine parameter
Model GTM1450
Max. Paper Size 1450X1300mm
Min.paper Size 420X400mm
Paper Thickness 150-600g
Base Paper Thickness A、B、C、D、E、F 型瓦楞纸板 厚度≤ 10mm
Max.Speed 150m/min
Lamindin Precision ±1mm
Total Power 20KW
Weight 7500Kg
Overall Dimension 13.5X2.3X 2.5M

Model GTM-1650
Max. Paper Size 1650X1450mm
Min.paper Size 420X400mm
Paper Thickness 150-600g
Base Paper Thickness A、B、C、D、E、F 型瓦楞纸板 厚度≤ 10mm
Max.Speed 150m/min
Lamindin Precision ±1mm
Total Power 22KW
Weight 8000Kg
Overall Dimension 14X2.5X2.5M

Instructions for Using Glue

As this machine is a high-speed model, in order to effectively prevent glue throwing, it is required to use resin glue or starch cardboard glue.
The resin glue is briefly introduced as follows:
Resin glue is a new type of glue which is synthesized by adding resin additive to the original starch glue. It has the advantages of non-toxic, tasteless, green environmental protection, good adhesion, small amount of glue, fast drying, not easy to absorb moisture, and the machine runs at high speed without glue shedding.
1. With small amount of glue:
The amount of single-sided glue per square meter only needs 20-25 grams, and the cost is about 2 cents.
2. Quick drying:
It can be fully glued for 2-5 minutes and dried for 5-10 minutes. It can be firmly glued to white cardboard and kraft linerboard.
3. Not easy to absorb moisture:
Fully meet the cold storage and other humid environment storage and ocean transport export packaging requirements.
4. High speed glue shedding:
The laminating machine can work at a speed of 10000 sheets/hour.
5. Long shelf life:
Storage time at room temperature can reach more than one month.


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